Bicycle Riding is Safer than You Think.

I first posted this back in 2009.  I strongly believe it's worth posting again.  While the numbers have certainly increased, the relative differences have changed little (according to the few reports I've read so far).  ...


Hitting the road after the January thaw

Okay, the Polar Bear Pedal was just a taste of riding, but this weekend's first January thaw is sure have everybody ready to grab the bike for a break from the trainer doldrums.  Here are some tips for your mid-winter (or early spring) ...


Your Bicycle: Polar Bear Pedal Pic by Jacob

Along w a few friends, I participated in Saturday's 2nd annual Polar Bear Pedal. We rode downtown, through the circle, Fountain Square & Garfield Park. It was great to explore some of the new bike lanes on the South side. The sunny day ...


Your Bicycle: Dora by Shelly Willams

Being new to Indy Dora (my Giant) and I LOVED making new friends at the Polar Bear Pedal! Here she is 'hanging' out with some of her new buddies. Name: Shelly Willams Bicycle: Giant, FCR City: Indianapolis State: IN   Shelly: ...


Your Bicycle: Polar Bear Pedal 2013 by Kristen

A great time was had by our group! We all met up at our house and rode to the ride! Had a lot of fun rolling around Indy and laughing it up! After the ride we enjoyed hot chocolate (and a few of the group had some free beer) Mayor Ballard ...


Bicycle Fitting, What’s it Like: Case Study #1

Perhaps a typical example of a BGI Fitting session (or at least a part) will help you gain a better feeling for the Fitting process. Demetri comes in for a Fitting.  During the Pre-Fit interview it is revealed that most of his cycling ...


Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness Newsletter for January 3

BGI customers on our email list have recently received our latest email newsletter.   Here some of the useful items from the latest edition: Sprint 8 Training: Learn About Our Most Effective Workout From Its Inventor, Phil Campbell BGI ...


Train Around the World with Vision’s New Virtual Active Technology

Vision Fitness has always been a provider of outstanding indoor training equipment – including treadmills, ellipticals and bicycles.  Now just in time for 2013, they are rolling out new technology which is truly revolutionary – ...


Try a Sprint 8 Workout with Phil Campbell at BGI Fitness

Looking for a way to really keep a fitness resolution in 2013?  What if you could double your endurance, lose weight and gain fitness in only 20 minutes, three times a week? Sound too good to be true?  Not with SPRINT 8 Exercise ...


Are You a Runner Hoping to Train this Winter?

Many runners continue to train outdoors year-round, battling the cold and wind and darkness.  But even the most die-hard of runners can find themselves stopped cold when a layer of snow and ice covers the ground.  The fear of slippage ...