Fortunately, bicycle designs have become a lot more standardized than they were at the beginnings of bicycle development.  Applying modern Fitting technology and techniques to early designs would likely have created as many problems as were solved.  Here are some fun examples to show what I mean.










Determining optimal grip size and lever throw distance would be tough with both these designs.  Do stronger riders require a longer lever throw?  Do women require shorter lever throw and smaller grips?  Anyone know which direction the model on the left will normally travel?

http://wheelbike.blogspot.com/2010/12/bicycle-patents-for-entertainmenthistor.htmlhttp://www.douglas-self.com/MUSEUM/TRANSPORT/motorwhl/motorwhl.htm<<Merely adjust the umbrella upward until it stops hitting your head.



Performing two Fittings at the same time should be fun.>>> 



Determining shoe size will be the main concern for the gentleman below.http://ricoromeo.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/31-examples-of-coolest-and-odd-bicycle-design/

Some modern designs like those above, might create as many unique problems as designs from the past.  Fortunately, most of the bicycles we see for Fittings at BGI are more conventional and lend themselves to the Fitting Services offered by BGI.

Be sure to check out the information page on BGI Bicycle Fitting Services or call for info.  Please note that BGI is now offering RETUL Bicycle Fittings which utilize the latest 3D motion capture technology…well suited for your 21st Century bicycle. 

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