Bicycle Garage Indy has expanded its Bicycle Maintenance Class offerings to 8 class topics for 2013.  The new classes include an introductory maintenance class, a single-speed bike class, and care of off-road suspension components.   Complete details on the class offerings are available on the Bicycle Garage Indy website.

The new class offerings are:

Our new Bicycle Maintenance 101 class is for any rider who would like to learn basic care for their bicycle, under the "hands-on" guidance of our experienced mechanics. Topics covered will include basic bicycle terminology, wheel removal, flat tire repair, simple adjustments for seats and handlebars, bicycle lubrication and cleaning, and simple road repairs. Time is also allowed for a question and answer period.

Suspension – 301 Fork Lowers Service: This class will cover our lowers service on a Fox or Rockshox suspension fork. You will remove your fork lowers, clean, inspect for wear and install new wipers and oil. We will also cover tuning tips. Early registration is highly recommended as this class has limited attendance. Please let us know ahead of time the year, make and model of your fork for ample time to prepare. Class price does not include the necessary wiper kit or any other parts used. 

Suspension – 302 Shock Air Canister Service: This class will cover air canister service on a Fox or Rockshox rear shock. You will remove the shock, disassemble, clean, inspect for wear and install a new seal kit. We will also cover eyelet replacement and tuning tips. Please let us know ahead of time the year, make and model of your shock for ample time to prepare. Class price does not include the necessary seal kit or any parts used.

Single Speed – 303 Basic Maintenance (BGI Downtown only):  Single speed bikes are simple but still require regular maintenance and attention. This class will help you be confident removing and reinstalling your wheels, setting proper chain tension, checking for loose or worn bearings, understanding your headset and identifying the signs of wear in the drive train, brakes and tires. We'll cover the issues that can come from riding in all weather and show you how to properly regularly clean and lubricate your bike.
Like BGI's other four classes, Derailleur and Chain Care-201, Wheel Truing and Hub Service-202, Headset, Bottom Brackets and Cranks-203, and Brake Systems (Non-disc)-204, these classes also are based on the Park Tool Company's Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair.  Classes are offered on Saturday mornings, and you must must register  in advance (link).  A complete schedule (PDF) is available (link). Class fees range from $19.99 to $29.99 per session.  
Bicycle Garage Indy's Mission is "E3 = Educate – Excite – Expand" which we hope adds up to a "wow" experience for our customers. As part of our mission to education and excite our customers, we have a myriad of opportunities to choose from: Clinics, Special Events, Small Group Instruction, One-on-One Instruction, BGI-led Rides, BGI-sponsored Events and other riding opportunities. Learn more at BGI Educates on the BGI Website.


– Jay S. Hardcastle – Marketing Manager – Bicycle Garage Indy