Does your work take you away from home for extended periods of time?  The hotel fitness center will likely offer a treadmill or elliptical for your cardviovascular work, but they rarely offer strength training options. 

SPRI Xertubes are light and take up little space in luggageA simple solution that I have found is to throw a few SPRI Xertubes into my suitcase.  These portable yet amazingly versatile tubes allow me to perform a full 30-minute strength training routine in the comfort of my hotel room.  If you are new to training with tubes, be aware that they are color-coded for intensity of effort.  Yellow is best suited to the beginner and/or person recovering from upper body injury.  Green and red work well for the majority of people.  For those stronger folks – try the blue or purple.  And you are likely to find that SPRI is the same brand used by your fitness club, making your selection even easier.

We keep the five tube colors open and on our BGI fitness wall, so that you can actually play with them to determine the right colors for your strength level.  I usually take the green and red tubes with me on my travels.Find dozens of SPRI fitness accessories at Bicycle Garage Indy & BGI Fitness



Want to learn more about the strength training with a Functional Gym?  Joey Osborne with Hoist Fitness will be at Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness on February 5th (South) and 6th (North).  There will be three hands on training session each evening.  Learn more and register for this free event at

When you visit Bicycle Garage Indy, BGI Fitness is the same store.  North (Indianapolis, Dean Road at 82nd Street) and in South (Greenwood, just west of I65 on County Line Rd.)