Problematic Fitting – Bicycle History Games

Fortunately, bicycle designs have become a lot more standardized than they were at the beginnings of bicycle development.  Applying modern Fitting technology and techniques to early designs would likely have created as many problems as were ...


Your Bicycle: Sprint to Half IM… by Matt Snoke

In 2007, I bought my first bike, a Trek 1000 because I wanted to race in a sprint triathlon. Since then, I've been riding and racing sprints on and off. Last year, I finally stepped up to an Olympic distance tri, the Boilerman (go Hoosiers). ...


4 New Maintenance Classes offered for 2013

Bicycle Garage Indy has expanded its Bicycle Maintenance Class offerings to 8 class topics for 2013.  The new classes include an introductory maintenance class, a single-speed bike class, and care of off-road suspension components.   ...


Your Bicycle: Pedal powered theater by Jason Sole

It's not exactly the Y, but my garage setup gets the job done. I got my trainer (a CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro) for Christmas, and since then have spent many hours spinning and watching movies. I am looking forward to hitting the road and trails ...


Your Bicycle: Winter workout by Ron Fife

This pic is a year old but it's pretty much the same set up I'm using this winter. Although now I'm clipless and I have a tv to watch instead of just staring at the kitchen cabinets! Name: Ron Fife Bicycle: Gary Fisher/Trek Chronus ...


Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness Newsletter for January 25

BGI customers on our email list have recently received our latest email newsletter.   Here some of the useful items from the latest edition: Winter bike service specials end in 7 days "Hoist Night" – building strength with ...


Bicycle Indiana can benefit from your action

Bicycle Indiana is Indiana's only statewide organization dedicated to promoting bicycle use, educating all roadway users, and advocating for bicyclists. As a non-profit, Bicycle Indiana relies on donations and fundraising activities such as ...


Really Cool App for Your Weight Training

Do you strength train, but struggle with keeping records of your lifts and number of reps and sets?  It can be quite a cumbersome process trying to track all of this data.  That is why I am so impressed with a new IPad app now ...


How to Train While Traveling

Does your work take you away from home for extended periods of time?  The hotel fitness center will likely offer a treadmill or elliptical for your cardviovascular work, but they rarely offer strength training options.  A simple ...


Why Strength Train?

Many understand the need for regular aerobic exercise – as it is essential to maintaining a strong and healthy cardiovascular system.  But few understand the equally important need for regular strength training.  Read on to see ...