Your Bicycle: Snow day on the towpath by Stephen Wray

Last year I told myself I'd ride all winter. I remember riding sometime in February and realizing that I had done it ! I thought to myself how beautiful it can be riding in the snow. This was right after I got my new road bike I was going ...


Gift Ideas from BGI Staff: Park I-Beam Multi Tool

A compact multi-tool like the Park I-Beam is good addition for the seat bag or jersey pocket, suggests Bicycle Garage Indy Marketing Manager Jay Hardcastle. The I-Beam is perfect for minimalist sport rides, with just the basics for tweaking a ...


Things Everybody Ought to Know About Bicycle Fitting – Your Feet are Number One

Your most important contact points with your bicycle are without doubt… your feet.  We understandably think more about our hands and glutes, but neither of these experience the same amount of repetitive motion and pressure as each ...


Gift ideas from BGI Staff: SPRI Exertubes & Xercise Balls

Home and travel exercise equipment like SPRI Xertubes is a great gift for any fitness enthusiast, and suggested by Lisa Searles, a bicycle sales specialist at Bicycle Garage Indy South. Two items I really like and use at home are SPRI Xertube ...


Gift ideas from BGI Staff: NiteRider Lumina 350

One of the latest self-contanied LED bicycle lights, like the NiteRider Lumina 350, is a gift for any bicyclist suggested by Frank Radaker,  Bicyce Garage Indy's bicycle fitting Specialist and bicycle mechanic. It only takes a single ...


BGI Staff Gift Suggestion: SmartWool jerseys and base layers

Here is a suggestion for any bicyclist on your holiday gift list from Victor Suarez, a bicycle and fitness sales specialist at Bicycle Garage Indy North.  Victor is a big fan of SmartWool base layers and  jerseys.  "Wool ...


Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness Newsletter for November 30

BGI customers on our email list have recently received our latest email newsletter.   Here some of the useful items from the latest: Healthy Holidays – Instant Rebate from Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness Gift Ideas Tailored For ...