A proper dynamic Bicycle Fitting should address every significant cycling relevant discomfort the client feels and typically most minor ones as well.  It should take into account previous injuries as well as typical riding patterns (e.g. racing or touring).  For example, exceeding the limited range of movement imposed by a body with low flexibility (e.g. result of an old injury) is a sure path to discomfort and poor pedaling technique.  A detailed Fitting should include an interview that informs the Fitter about all cycling discomfort issues and medical or injury issues to be on the alert for.


The Fitter is working, just as you are, with your current fitness level and the bicycle can only be properly molded around that, not an imagined level of fitness.  That said, your bicycle can still be adjusted today to easily accommodate expected fitness improvements over the next season, but that’s simply good planning, not miracles for today.  A qualified and experienced Fitter should also explain and offer advise on changing bad riding techniques that in themselves can be a source of cycling discomfort, pain or even injury.  Helping to eliminate rather than reinforce bad riding habits is an important job for a Bicycle Fitter.

Putting you on the road to breaking bad cycling habits, to better fitness and to better cycling technique should be goals of any experienced Bicycle Fitter .  Cycling just might help cure your chicken legs.

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