Core training off the bike is a popular gift Ideas with Bicyle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness staff this year.  Linda Hardcastle, our on-staff Exercise Physiologist,  thinks a SRPI Exerball® Medicine Ball would be great gift for any Fitness Enthusisast on your list.

I am always looking for new and fun ways to strength train, with special focus on training my core.  I have recently discovered that the SPRI Medicine Balls are a great tool for just that purpose!  I can grab my teens for a game of toss (but with a very heavy ball).  I can pound out my aggressions by smashing it hard into the ground.  And then I move to the brick wall outside and perform repeated chest-passes.  These multi-joint, functional moves are made “FUN” when you start playing with this ball! – Linda Hardcastle

BGI Fitness carries a wide variety of SPRI products for strength, floor exercies and flexibility.  We also cary yoga products Gaim, along with our selction of Hoist free weights and gyms.

The staff at all three Bicycle Garage Indy locations (Indianapolis, Greenwood and Downtown) can help you find the right gift for the bicyclist or fitness enthusisast on your list.  And you can order a BGI Gift Card online any time!