A key purpose of your indoor Winter bicycle training (be it on your trainer mounted bicycle or a "spin bike") is developing sound muscle memory.  Think of it as teaching your muscles the right groove to play in.  If you do not perform your Winter bicycle training using the same muscle motions (i.e. muscle firing sequence) used when riding outdoors, then it's much like practicing for a tennis match by using a baseball hitting cage.  Similar but not the same.  The benefit of your training will be much less than possible.

After your bicycle has been properly Fitted to you, Winter indoor training will be much more beneficial.  If you use an Indoor Cycle (AKA "spin bike") then use the Fitting measurements Use your professional fitted bike with an indoor trainer for maximum benefit.from your real bike to adjust your indoor cycle toi the same set up.  Currently, when you get a Bicycle Fitting from Bicycle Garage Indy, you also get an easy to read graphic that allows an easy and precise transfer of your Fitting data to your "spin bike."

Cycling, indoors or out, is repetitive movement of lower body parts against resistance – getting your riding position dialed in so you create as little stress as possible on your joints (especially knees and hips) is key to preventing over-use injuries which usually require long recovery periods.

Ride faster, more comfortably and with less chance of injury next season by training this Winter in your optimal cycling position – to determine what's optimal for you, get a Fitting for your current bicycle, then adjust your Indoor Cycle to match the Fitting data from your BGI Fitting.

Bicycle Garage Indy's Bring Your Bicycling Indoors clinic (registration required) is offered at various dates/times at all three BGI locations.  You will also find our complete Clinic Schedule (Our 2013 Schedule will be avialable later week.