What are some reasonable expectations you might have about your Bicycle Fitting?

No matter how skilled the Fitter, the average cyclist will not magically ride like their favorite professional racing cyclist immediately after their Fitting is complete.  The requisite fitness is simply not there (yet).  While an immediate gain of 1-3 mph average is not uncommon for recreational cyclists following their BGI Fitting, it’s a bit too much to expect more.  There is always an acclimation period following any Fitting during which the body gets used to a new riding position; that’s usually about 6-8 average length rides (for that cyclist).  The initial feeling of strangeness that may come with a new riding position is mostly caused by the body’s lack of familiarity with the new saddle height, bar height, reach to handlebar, etc…  This feeling of strangeness should fade during that 6-8 ride break-in period.  As previously unused muscles gain fitness and previously tight connective tissues gain flexibility any initial discomfort should also fade.  It simply takes some time on the bike to get used to a new riding position.

When your body has acclimated to a new riding position though, the payoff is nearly always worth the effort.  A bicycle that has been optimally adjusted to the rider's body actually facilitates good cycling technique and significantly reduces the chances of over-use injuries (the bane of every serious cyclist). 

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The extra comfort and speed that result from no longer “fighting” your bicycle allows you to enjoy what cycling is supposed to be about – self-propelled fun.








BGI is proud to offer the 3D motion capture technology of Retul.  Be sure to visit the BGI Bicycle fitting Services web page for detailed information about the various Fitting packages available from BGI.