We recently had a local photography company come through and shoot a virtual photo of Bicycle Garage Indy North.  We think the results are pretty cool, and you can see end product our North Store Photo Tour page, and below.

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The virtual tour is first photographed using a wide angle lens on a digital camera, on a tripod mounted accessory that controls the rotaion of the camera.  For Bicycle Garage Indy North, the tripod was moved dozens of tiems for different points of view.  The final collection of picture is then "stiched" together creating the final image that is viewable in a web browser.  Our thanks to You Are Here Photography for a doing such a great job on this project.

Lock for complete tours of BGI Downtown (in the Indy Bike Hub YMCA) and Bicycle Garage Indy South (just west of I65 on County Line Rd, Greenwood) over the next couple of weeks.

Jay Hardcastle, Marketing Manager for Bicycle Garage indy and BGI Fitness