Was looking forward to this year's Hilly Hundred Weekend put on by the Central Indiana Bicycling Association (CIBA)  as I have not done hardly any bike events this year to save money. I usually drop my car down on Thursday in Bloomington then ride down on Friday. This year it was not to be as rain was forecasted and my ride cancelled the car dump. I drove down on Friday and got my bed made in the gym before going to volunteer. I worked the doors again and worked from 3:15 to 10:00pm then went to the gym to crash.

Saturday I woke up early so I could volunteer again and worked until 9:45 then went to my car and got kited up. The sun was supposed to come out so I dressed a little light thinking I would get warm going up the hills and when the sun came out. The weatherman Lyed It was cold and rainy the whole 57 miles. rode well but was really carefull going down hill as the road was really wet. only spent 10 minutes at lunch and did not stop on the third reststop as I had just gotten warm from lunch and did not want to get wet again. Got back and showered and had dinner and went to the show, great as always, then went to bed.

Woke up again on Sunday to a cold but clear day. Volunteered again until 9:00 then went and got kited up to ride again. I noticed that my back tire had a slight bulge, pushed it in and took off, should have known to change the tire as I got a flat 5 or so miles down the road, booted the tire with a self stick patch and got the tire changed, rode on after that. As bad as Saturday was, Sunday was great. It warmed up and the sun came out and it was a great ride, Met up with some Tandem riders that I ride with and I tried to keep up with them on the downs. Lunch was great and the new Sunday finish was tougher then I thought it would be. A great finish to a great weekend. This was my 6th Hilly Hundred and I cannot wait for next year.

Name: John Cook
Bicycle: Specialized Tarmac Pro
City: Fishers
State: Indiana

John, glad to hear about your Hilly Hundred Weekend experience, Indiana's fall cycling classic. Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story.





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