Your Bicycle: ragbrai by RJ

  My Dad and I did RAGBRAI (Register Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa – www.ragbrai.org)  for the very first time.  It was so much fun, we did it with a group of 20 people from around Indy, can't wait to do it again ...


What the heck is Bicycle Fitting and why would I want it?

Even though the bicycle industry (and the cycling public) continues to become more aware of the benefits of properly adjusting a bicycle to the owner’s body, there remains a general lack of clarity about the limits of these benefits.  ...

Take A Virtual Tour of Bicycle Garage Indy North

Take A Virtual Tour of Bicycle Garage Indy North

We recently had a local photography company come through and shoot a virtual photo of Bicycle Garage Indy North.  We think the results are pretty cool, and you can see end product our North Store Photo Tour page, and below. View Larger Map ...


Your Bicycle: Learning to Mountain Bike by Jason Sole

Both my daughter and I got new Giant bicycles at Bicycle Garage Indy this spring. I got a Talon 29er, and she an Areva 20 (she is 6). While I had a lot of fun on my bike this summer, one of the coolest experiences was watching her conquer her ...


Your Bicycle: Day 2: More Than One Way Over Those Hills by Darrick Smith

Snapped this photo on the morning of Day 2 of this year's (2012)  Hilly Hundred Weekend. The balloon was rising up from a low fog bank, and all you could hear was the hot air being released into the balloon and the sound of dozens of ...


Bring Your Bicycle Training Inside with a CycleOps Pro Indoor Cycle

It is fall in the Midwest, which means that winter is not far behind.  Certainly time to be thinking how to maintain your bicycle training through the cold months ahead.  One option is to use a dedicated piece of indoor cycling ...


Cranksgiving: Bicycle food drive in Indy this Sunday

What is it? Cranksgiving Indy is a fun, unique new bike event that is part bike ride, scavenger hunt, food drive, tour of downtown Indy. Riders will be given the locations of places in and around downtown Indianapolis where they will ride and ...


Your Bicycle: A Hilly Hundred to remember by John Cook

Was looking forward to this year's Hilly Hundred Weekend put on by the Central Indiana Bicycling Association (CIBA)  as I have not done hardly any bike events this year to save money. I usually drop my car down on Thursday in ...


Upcoming Cyclocross events

With the 2013 Cyclocross Worlds in Louisville just a few months away, there is a lot of buzz for upcoming races and clinics in the Indianapolis area. Indianapolis will be visited by the Rapha-Focus cyclocross team, featuring defending national ...


Bring Your Bicycle Training Indoors with a CycleOps Trainer

Morning temperatures are down into the 30’s now – too cold for some of us to venture out for a morning ride.  What to do?  Consider bringing your winter bicycle training indoors with a indoor bicycle trainer from Bicycle ...