When shopping for a home treadmill, the name Precor jumps out.  It certainly has name recognition for being the top-of-the-line brand.  That is one of the reason BGI Fitness is a Precor dealer.  But just what is it about Precor that makes it such a high quality unit?  The discussion below pertains to the 3 series models:  9.31, 9.33 and 9.35.  

For one thing, these are basically commercial grade units with just a few additional home components.   Most treadmills for home purchase are graded for home use only – significantly different than their more durable commercial grade counterparts.

Give a Precor a test walk or a test run – I think your body will “feel” great the next day.  This is due to two innovative technologies.  The first technology comes from differing materials under the running belt.  The high quality shock absorber under the front part of the belt helps to cushion and absorb the impact of your footstrike, while the stiffer material under the back part of the belt allows you to push off with more force.   

The second technology, which is unique to Precor,  allows for the different phases of your foot plant.  You may not realize this, but your foot hits, then “pauses”, then pushes off again.  Think of it as a fast –slow- fast phase.  The Precor micro-adjusts down for this “slow” phase, more accurately mimicking your natural gait.  The result is greater comfort post-workout. 

Another plus for the Precor brand is that over 95% of these 3-series treadmills are made right here in the United States.  There is no user weight limit for the larger individual.  AND the belts are non-maintenance!  That’s right – no belt waxing or sprays for you to deal with. (BGI Fitness does recommend regular treadmill maintenance for other issues.)

Not sure if a treadmill is the right machine for you?  Consider an elliptical – Precor was the first to create ellipticals in 1995 and is rated the #1 elliptical in health clubs today!

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