by Dustin Hardin (Certified Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist Assistant with Tx:Team)

I have been given the opportunity to write a blog on our current outreach program with Bicycle Garage Indy South to help their clients and the active community.  Probably the most common question I get when a customer comes to see me, I am asked, “What’s up with this injury screening program and what’s the catch?” It’s incredible how we all second guess programs when they are displayed as “FREE”.  The answer….  There is no catch.  We at Tx:Team and BGI South want to reach out to the community and provide a platform in which to move forward regarding “tweaks”, “aches”, and possible activity altering injuries.  We want to provide a comprehensive screening and education on how to address a potential injury whether it be by seeing a physician, pain management professional, or even look into being fitted on the cycle appropriately.  Sometimes I’m there to answer easy questions about stretching, warming up, and how to deal with an achy hamstring.  But I guess if you are looking for a “catch”, we would love to follow through with treatment in our clinic if a client finds out that there is a particular need for physical therapy services regarding an injury.


Recently, I have been able to see most if not all of the employees at BGI South and answer some questions about aches and pains.  Education is sooo important! Why? Because once a someone understands what’s going on and how to avoid dangerous positions/techniques, there is usually no need for therapy because the potential mechanism of injury has been removed.  There have been a few clients that I have recommended to follow up with a physician because it was appropriate and I believe the clients appreciated the recommendation.  I’m gonna tell you a little secret.  Are you ready?  Okay, listen….  We care about you and want you to enjoy your hobby.  We care about your health and feel that if we can provide you an opportunity to continue your active lifestyle safely, we’ve done our job!  Remember, this is our little secret.  If others find out that we care…. Oh boy! 


To learn more about these free Injury screens, just click on this link for more details on the Bicycle Garage Indy website.

When: Third Thursday of each month 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM.
Where: Bicycle Garage Indy South, 997 E County Line Road Greenwood, IN 46143
For more information: Call 317-885-7194 (BGI South)