I don’t have an office at work, and I don’t like doing all of my work at home.  I find the call of housework and teenagers too distracting.  So this summer I have had great fun putting my office on wheels.  I load up my commuter bicycle and head out in search of a wireless café or coffee shop.  There I can settle in for a morning or afternoon of uninterrupted work. Nylon updates to the classic paperboy baskets are a nice commuter option.

I chose my Trek hybrid bike for this conversion to commuter bike.  I considered some of the really pretty commuter bags that are now being made – my favorite being the Sherpani brand.  I love their colors and feminine designs.  But surprisingly, I dug up our old, faded Eclipse folding baskets from years ago.  They are no longer pretty to look at – but I love the design.  Just big open bags that I can drop my supplies in.  No need to “pack” things in and then close up the top.  Granted, this works well for me, as I am definitely a fair-weather commuter.  If I had to contend with the elements (i.e. rain) – then I would definitely opt for the cinched up designs.  

You can find very similar bags today,  like the Bontrager Grocery Bag ($49.99 ea.), or Arkel Shopper ($94.99 ea.).  Both are open top withe a water resistant drawsting cover, and clip to your rear rack.  Or the Arkel Metropolitan ($169.99 ea.) is shopping bag sized, but has an over sizes zip closure and carry handles, along with a cover for the pannier hooks.

My favorite routine is to get up and head right out on the bike.  Five miles is a good distance for me – just enough to wake me up, loosen up the body and feel good.  The round-trip back home makes for a total of 10 easy miles for the day.  Not so much that I am too tired to do a full “workout” later in the day – but enough to feel like I’ve done something in case that is all the time I have to devote to exercise. 

Find a full range of urban and touring bags and packs, from Arkel,  Bontrager,  Koki and Sherpani at all 3 Bicycle Garage Indy locations; North (Dean Rd at 82nd, Indianapolis) Downtown (Indy Bike Hub YMCA at City Market) and South (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd, Greenwood).