I did not do RAIN this year because of cost considerations but I still wanted to ride something epic.

I took off of work on Friday the 20th, the day before RAIN and decided to try and do a 200 mile ride that day. I left my house at 4:15am and rode to SR-38 and to Richmond. I stopped for food in Pendelton, and to drop of a tube in Gagerstown as a person last year when I was riding to Columbus, OH. gave me their last tube so I could continue.

I got to Richmond and had more food then took the Cardinal Greenway Trail NW, (great trail but very few services), I rode it to Gaston then hopped on the road to ride to Jonesburo to pick up the other part of the trail. Loved that there were share the road signs in the middle of nowhere marking the way. Rode the trail thru Marion then got on the S'wester Trace trail for another 2 miles west. I ended up at 700 W just south of Delphi pike.

I rode south on County 700 having to sprint 5 times due to dogs then ran into the Wind Farm Mess. Had to do 2 miles of gravel to get to SR-13 as they are graveling all the roads north of Elwood for the wind farm. I took SR-13 into Elwood and stopped for food. I did not need any extra to make the 200 so I just rode down to SR-37 and took that all the way to 126th and then home.

A truly epic ride. 200 miles all solo, 12:06 ride time, 15:38 total time and felt okay. I rode Saturday and Sunday to finish out my 406 mile week and got 1,756 miles in 6 weeks as part of Bicycle Garage Indy Corporate Wellness Get Back On Your Bike program with Allison Transmission.  I ended up first in my company and won very pricey Brickyard tickets. Yes I know I am Crazy but I do love to push myself and this was the first 200 I have done this year. Last year I did three 200+ rides.

Name: John Cook
Bicycle: 2009 Specialized Tarmac Pro, Test Color Red and white.
City: Fishers
State: Indiana

John, this was an epic ride, and a great exapmple of how much good riding you can find in Indiana.  Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story.


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