I was a 3 sport athlete all through school and eventually earned a scholarship to run cross country in college, however I have struggled to stay active ever since my last college race. I don't like to go out alone, and riding/running with my wife Kristen just is not an option because she can't keep up and I get bored going slow. Finally my brilliant wife said I want a bicycle built for 2 and I said ok, that sounds like fun.

July 2011 we started riding and we could not get enough. Just a month into riding we heard about RAIN and that the following year it would fall on my 30th birthday, so I said that would be a nice accomplishment on a milestone birthday. We trained hard over a very mild winter and throughout the spring/summer. Most of the time it's just so much fun to ride it doesn't count as training. We completed RAIN and realized that it was not near as hard as we both expected going into it.

We did stop for a birthday party my family threw for me at my sisters house on the east side of Greenfield and had a little mechanical issue so next time besting our time should not be very difficult. My wife and I have found a new passion in life and it has completely changed our lives for the better.

Name: Nathan Dinges
Bicycle: KHS-Cross(Tandem)
City: Indianapolis
State: IN

Nahan (& Kristen):  Part II of you tandem adventure on RAIN is another great story. Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy.


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