Ran the PSV (Personal Sag Vehicle) for a long-time friend and his girlfriend. It was his first RAIN (she'd done it before) and it was my and the fiancé's first time driving support. The fiancé came up with the title as what PSV stood for (Personal Sexy Vehicle) and we soaped up the windows appropriately. We had a really great time keeping our riders hydrated and spirited; we even popped onto the course occasionally to cheer on our riders and random riders alike. At each stop we flew a giant, bright, FABULOUS balloon to make sure our riders could find us quickly. I was inspired by the people of myriad shapes, sizes, and ages performing this ride and looking forward to trying this out as a rider next year!

Name: Scott Chevalier
Bicycle: GIANT 29er
City: Indianapolis
State: IN


Scott:  Ballons (and cow bells) form the Personal Sag Vehicles do help the miles go by.  Good luck and let us know how your first RAIN goes in 2013.  Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story.


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