Want to learn more about our FREE Injury Screenings at Bicycle Garage Indy South?  Here is a Q&A  with the Tx:Team provider –Athletic Trainer Dustin Hardin.

Q:  I understand that you are the provider of the sports injury screenings which are being offered monthly at our BGI South location.  Who are you and what is your specific experience with sports-related injuries?

A:  My name is Dustin Hardin and I am a certified Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist Assistant with Tx:Team on the south side of Indianapolis.  For the past 13 years I have worked with athletes from a variety of sports, some of which include:  NHL (National Hockey League), minor league baseball, Naptown Roller Girls, Greenwood Club Gymnastics and a mix of high school sports. 

Q:  When you sit down with an injured athlete, how do you approach their treatment plan?

A:  The first thing I want to do is determine how did this injury happen (mechanism of injury)?  It is all about listening to the athlete and finding out the root cause of the injury.  Once we determine the root cause (following the physical assessment), we can then formulate a plan of action to prevent this from happening again and return the athlete to their normal activities.

Q:  As a runner and bicyclist myself, who has dealt with my own injuries over the years, I have at times been frustrated by non-sports oriented healthcare providers.  Their solution to my problems was to “just stop running, or just stop bicycling, and you will be fine within 1-3 months”.   How is your approach different from this?

A:  After receiving a referral from your physician to begin therapy, it is our responsibility to minimize your time away from the activity that you love by providing you with a safe and efficient treatment program.  We understand it is important to you – both for your physical and mental well-being.  While you are recovering from your injury, there will be a time when we can move you into an “active rest” phase.  At this time we will train areas in which you have some deficiencies or weakness.  Concurrently, we will work together to prevent the injury from returning.  If I suspect a poor fit on your bicycle was the culprit, I will suggest that you consider getting a professional bicycle fitting.  If I suspect poor footwear, I will make recommendations accordingly. 

Q:  Will you diagnose and treat me at this screening?

A:  No.  This is a screening only.  I will perform certain tests and document the results.  You can then take this form to your doctor, who will provide the referral for treatment.  I hope to be able to answer some questions regarding your injury and communicate appropriately to your physician in order to provide you with the best treatment possible – in order to get you back to your activity.  However, after you see your doctor, we would be more than happy to treat you for your injury.

Q:  What if I would like to have your therapy team provide the treatment for me?

A:  The process is still the same.  Feel free to take the screening documentation to your physician, who can provide you with the physical therapy referral if he/she feels that therapy is appropriate for your injury.  You can then schedule with us at Tx:Team (link).

Q:  How can I find out more about these FREE sports injury screens?

A:    Just click on this link for more details on the Bicycle Garage Indy website.   

The next Tx:Team free injury screening is Thursday, June 21, from 3:30 pm to 6 pm, only at Bicycle Garage Indy / BGI Fitness South, just seconds west of I-65 at 997 County Line Road in Greenwood.