New for 2012, Bicycle Garage Indy now offers two options for you to learn how to keep your bike in top condition.  You can choose from the newly revised BGI Maintenance Classes, ideal for those who want to learn bicycle maintenance, hands-on, in a small group setting.  Or, you can choose One-on-One TechWise for the flexibility of personalized, hands-on, mechanical training, based on your needs and your schedule. These cover advance topics as well as any basic topics you may want to cover.

All BGI Maintenance Classes are based on the Big Blue Book of Bicycle RepairBoth the BGI Maintenance Classes and One-On-One TechWise advanced Bicycle Maintenance Topics are based on the Park Tool Big Blue Bike of Bicycle Repair, available at BGI.  (BGI also offers Weekly Clinics throughout the year on a variety of bicycle topics.)

BGI Maintenance classes teach you bicycle maintenance for all the most common moving parts on your bicycle, with each logical section covered in a 2-hour session.  More than just basic road-side repair, you learn to clean, adjust, lubricate, and install the components and parts necessary to your bike rolling smoothly for years to come.  The cost of each class is $29.99.  If you register for all four classes in advance, there is a $20 discount.

Classes are begin at 8:00 AM Saturday morning, and are offered at all three BGI locations (North, South and Downtown.)  Class size is limited, and you must pre-register.

The Bicycle Maintenance classes are:



Derailleur and Chain Care

Chain sizing, master links, rivet install, chain installation, chain wear and damage, cleaning and lubrication, cable system/cutting/sizing, proper derailleur installation, limit screw adjustment, b screw adjustment, index adjustment. (Register)

Wheel Truing and Hub Service

Parts identification, bearing adjustment, freehub service, cartridge bearing hubs, Truing procedure, Lateral and radial truing, dish, tension, replacing damaged spoke, wheel wear and damage. (Register)

Headset, Bottom Brackets and Cranks

Component identification, different types of bottom brackets and headsets, adjustment procedures, installing/removing pedals, chainring Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) ID, installing/removing cranks. (Register)

Brake Systems (Non-disc)

Component identification, different types of brakes, cable system inspection/replacement/lubrication, sizing housing, pad inspection & replacement, adjustment. Will also cover Handlebars, stems, saddle and seat posts if time permits.  (Register)

Four basic classic modules cover most common bicycle maintenance needs.

Bicycle Garage Indy has three locations to serve you; Bicycle Garage Indy North (Indianapolis, Dear Road at E. 82nd St.),  South (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd, Greenwood), and the new BGI Downtown, in the Indy Bike Hub YMCA at City Market.