Do you ride in fear of getting a flat tire?  When this does happen, what will you do?  Call a friend or family member to come bail you out?  But what if no one is available right then?  Worry no more –  come to our FREE clinic (register here) to see how easy it is to fix a flat tire.   (Part 3 in a series of 4 – part 1, part 2)

BGI's  Flat Tire Clinic will explain what you need to carry to repair a flat tire.Speaking as a non-mechanical person, I can personally attest to just how easy this repair is.  Once you learn how, go home and practice over and over again until you can accomplish it successfully in just a few minutes.    Then stress no more!

This clinic on flat tire repair is one in a series of FREE bicycle clinics which Bicycle Garage Indy offers on a rotating basis all summer long.  We have three retail locations to choose from:  North, South and Downtown

I have already described two of these free clinics in previous blogs (Ready to Ride:  The Bike and Ready to Ride:  the Rider).  This blog will describe the third clinic in this series.

This third clinic is called Fixing A Flat Tire & other minor annoyances.  The purpose is to demonstrate for you each step involved in fixing a flat tire.  This includes removal of the rear wheel, which can be problematic  for some.  And interestingly enough, there are steps you can take to minimize your chances of getting a flat.  We will go through these steps in detail.   Other topics covered may include dropped chains and lubing tips.

If this clinic appeals to you, then follow this link to register  for the location and date that works best for you.  Watch for my final blog on the fourth FREE clinic, Bike Buying Tips.

Clinics are just a part of the BGI Mission Statement's 3 E's = Educate, Expand, Excite.  Learn more about about a the Bicycle Garage Indy clinics, classes and sponsored events on the Bicycle Garage Indy Calendar.