“What kind of biking do I want to do? “  This is the first question to ask yourself when considering the purchase of a new bike.  Do you want to have the freedom and comfort to ride all day?  Or is one hour the longest ride you are contemplating?  Is this a functional and/or “green”purchase (bicycle commuting to work)?   Or do you want to get faster for bicycle or triathlon competitions?  Perhaps you simply wish to pedal around your neighborhood on warm summer evenings..

This BGI clinic will help you pick the right kind of bike for you.These are the first questions to ask yourself when considering a new bicycle purchase.   Once you have a clear picture of your goals, THEN you can begin the shopping process.

And here is where Bicycle Garage Indy can help.  We have a FREE clinic on Bike Buying Tips.  This clinic is offered on a rotating basis all summer long at our three retail locations (North, South and Downtown).  We have other free clinics as well.  Click here to see the full description of clinics and schedules.

At this Bike Buying Tips clinic, we will clarify for you the various types of bikes to choose from, with names like:  road bike, mountain bike, hybrid, lifestyle, comfort, electrical assist.  In describing these different bikes, we will talk about what materials they are made of and what their price ranges are.  We will also help you to understand what specs you should look for in a bike.  

If this clinic appeals to you, then follow this link to register for the location and date that works best for you. 

Clinics are just a part of the BGI Mission Statement's 3 E's = Educate, Expand, Excite.  Learn more about about a the Bicycle Garage Indy clinics, classes and sponsored events on the Bicycle Garage Indy Calendar.