Are you new to the sport of bicycling, or just resuming after a long time away from it?  If so, there is a lot to learn about your new bike and we at Bicycle Garage Indy would like to help.   Join us at any of our three retail locations (North, South and Downtown) for a FREE clinic which is offered on a repeating basis all summer long.  Follow this link to register.   A prior blog described the first of these clinics, Ready to Ride:  The Bike.  This blog will delve into the second of these clinics.Ready to Ride: Rider, one of the free clinic offerings at BGI

This second clinic is called Ready to Ride: The Rider.   This clinic focuses on how you can MAXIMIZE your comfort, safety and heart healthy benefits on your bicycle.

The first step towards your comfort is getting a good fit to your bicycle.  We will demonstrate the first adjustments which you can take towards that goal.   For those wanting a more complete and professional fit, we will explain how a bicycle fitting is performed in our state-of-the-art BGI Fitting Studio with specialist Frank Radaker.   Bicycle clothing and accessories also go a long way toward keeping you comfortable – learn how.

Interestingly, your clothing and accessories can also enhance your safety.  Pairing this with learning the rules of the road will maximize your on-the-road safety.  You will learn the meaning behind the phrase, “Bicyclists have the same rights AND responsibilities of a motorist”.

Bicycling is an aerobic form of exercise just like walking and running.  Therefore, you will reap the same heart healthy benefits, which include optimizing your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, HDL (the GOOD cholesterol) and body fat.  We will give you the recommendations for bicycling intensity, duration and frequency.

If this clinic appeals to you, then follow this link to register for the location and date that works best for you. Watch for my next blog on the third FREE clinic, which is Fixing a Flat Tire & Other Minor Annoyances.

Clinics are just a part of the BGI Mission Statement's 3 E's = Educate, Expand, Excite.  Learn more about about a the Bicycle Garage Indy clinics, classes and sponsored events on the Bicycle Garage Indy Calendar.