Touring by bike gives you a unique view of the worldWant to plan the bicycle touring vacation of a lifetime, and aren't sure where to begin? Bicycle Garage Indy is now offering Tourwise,  a new offering in our One-on-one instruction series,  for bicyclists interested in trying a bicycle tour.  


Did you know:

  • You have dozens of options for bicycle tours from weekends, across a state, or across the county, for almost any budget.
  • You can easily carry gear for self-sufficient bicycle travel, using your choice of overnights from campgrounds, hotels or even bed and breakfasts.
  • We can help you plan in advance and tell you want to expect for your life on the road, whether it is a weekend trip or longer travel.

Canadian Rockies - one of North America' premier bicycle  touring destinationsYour Tourwise class will be customized instruction that will help you with gear selection for extendended bicycle travel, including bicycle choice, racks, bags, and clothing.  We will also show you what to carry and how to pack it. Whether it is a 3-day charity ride, a week-long cross-state ride like RAGBRAI or TRIRI a coast-to-coast trip with Adventure Cycling, or one of Trek Travel's 4-Star experiences, BGI can help.


Since my first bicycle tour in 1974, I have had to the chance to try all the different types of bicycle travel, from self-supported camping rides, hotel touring, and supported tours.  This also includes using touring bikes, tandems, touring with children (challenging but very rewarding) and both panniers and touring trailers.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to share this experience with Bicycle Garage Indy customers as the Tourwise instructor.

Yes, there are family friendly, bicycle experiences, good for a lifetime of memoriesYou tell us what you need or want to learn and we will give you one-on one personalized training for in a one hour session for just $40. Your needs, your schedule!  Your TourWise classes will be offered at BGI North.  Just complete the form at www.bgindy.com/for/tourwise, tell us what type of trip you are planning, and we contact you to arrange your one-on-one session.  (Planning on riding with a family or group?  Only one fee is necessary for your Tourwise session!)


Follow this link to learn more about the all One-on-One class offerings from Bicycle Garage indy and BGI Fitness.