Starting our riding has a family early with a Burley trailer.When we were planning our family, we knew we wanted our kids to be a part of our bicycling.  And even in the early `90’s, the first name in child trailers was Burley.  Our Burley D’Lite was used first for Tyler, and a few years later his brother Justin.  It was pulled behind our tandems and road bikes, for shorts rides to market, day long adventures, and even extended trips, including a week long tour in the San Juan Islands when Tyler was just shy of 2-years old.  When Justin joined us, we even did a few weekend camping trips with all four of us.

Fun for a family growing up on bikesIn the years since, Burley has added more models, and added innovative safety and comfort features that we had to improvise.  The entry level Bee ($279) trailer is the closest to our 1990’s D'Lite, with a simple nylon seat  for one or two children, behind the seat storage for day trips and shopping, and an integrated mesh wind screen and rain cover.  Burley's now expanded line up includes the Burley Honey Bee ($399, with stroller wheel) and Encore ($439), both offer padded, 4-point safety belts, screen and rain cover, and accept other options like infant snugglers, a jogging stroller wheel kit, and even a snow ski kit.  All Burley trailers have easily removed wheels, and are collapsible to fit in a car or for off-season storage.

Once our boys were pedaling on their own, we passed our D’Lite on to another family (they hold their resale value quite well!).  But we weren’t through with Burley trailers.  We switched over to a Burley Nomad cargo trailer ($349). The narrower, low profile Nomad weighs just 15 lbs, and with a 100 lb. capacity is great for grocery trips, hauling folding camp chairs for an evening of fireworks, or for all our gear for camp touring with a tandem.


 The Burley Nomad trailer loaded for touring behind our tandem

You will find a full selection of Burley trailers and accessories at the exciting new Bicycle Garage Indy North (just a few feet away from our old location at Dean Rd and E. 82nd St., Indianapolis) or Bicycle Garage Indy South (just seconds west of I65 on County Line Rd, Greenwood.)  

Burley Bee Trailer at Bicycle Garage IndyBurley Honey Bee trailer at Bicycle Garage Indy