Spring is here, but don't stop your winter routine just yetWe are having an amazing spring here in Indiana, and many of us have already put in an unprecedented number of outdoor bicycle miles.  But do not stop your winter training routine just yet!  We may still have a few more days of indoor training before beautiful weather is here for good.

Don't let inconsistent spring weather break your winter training habits.If you are like me, you use the winter months to beef up your strength training and core work.   The trainer or rollers occupy a prominent place in front of the TV.  At the first taste of warm weather we want to put those trainers away and keep our bike in the garage.  But hold off permanently stopping that winter routine.  It has provided you a valuable base to keep you strong and healthy throughout your summer cycling season.   During the next month of occasionally cold or rainy days, continue to come inside and keep your training going strong.    That way, once we have permanently shifted to gorgeous weather outside, your strong core and powerful legs will keep you riding well into the next winter season.

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