Weekly evening clinics begin at BGI in AprilBeginning this April, weekly bicycle clinics will be offered at all Bicycle Garage Indy locations.  All clinics will begin at 6:30 PM,  on Monday night at BGi Downtown in the Indy Bike Hub YMCA, Tuesday nights at our South store in Greenwood, and Wedneday nights at our North store on East 82nd Street.  Registration for these free clinics is online at

The first series of 4 clinic topics have been designed to cover the most commonly asked questions from new and novice bicyclists.  A different clinic will be offered each week at each location, and topics will repeat through this spring.  

Below are the clinic topics and how they might be helpful to you:

Do you know there is an easy, 30-second safety check that you can give your bike before every ride?   BGI's Ready to Ride: The Bike clinic will teach you the ABC Quick Check for your bike as well as the fundamentals of shifting, and what to carry on your bike.

Do you know where to place yourself on the road?  BGI’s Ready To Ride: The Rider clinic will cover cycling clothing, traffic safety, fitness and proper bicycle fit.  

Did you know that a flat tire is the most common mechanical problem you will encounter with a bike?  BGI’s Fixing Flat Tires clinic will teach you how to prevent and fix a flat tire, as well as showing you some quick fixes you can do yourself. 

Did you know that “Where do you like to ride” is one the most important questions to ask yourself before riding a bike?  BGI’s Bike Buying Tips clinic will help you ask yourself the right questions and explain all the choices available to you.

Bicycle Garage Indy's weekly clinic is just a part of our mission statement and commitment ot our customers to provide the Three Es – Educate, Excite and Expand. We also offer Bicycle Service classes and our One-on-One bicycle and fitness instruction.  Follow the BGI website and calendar for more information on clinics, classes and special events from Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness.