Ruby is mine and my husband’s KHS Cross Tandem. Ruby is a hybrid road bike. We got Ruby on fourth of July weekend last year but she already has 1,300+ miles and many adventures under her belt. Neither my husband or I ever really rode bicycles before we got Ruby but when we do something we DO SOMETHING! 8 days after we got her we took her down to Brown County to ride the Goat Ride where we completed a HILLY 75 miles!! Ruby has already put on miles in the extreme heat, pouring rain, fallen leaves, extreme cold and snow. Last year we wrecked Ruby when we lost our gps and had to try to stop and pull off fast without thinking. We lost the chain a few times. We had to call SAG when we lost a crank arm! All of these problems were solved when we found out there was a problem with the derailer. We completed our first century at Hope ride in September. We have learned to communicate better, and Ruby has brought us closer in our marriage. This year we have a ton of riding planned we will be doing several century rides to lead up to our goal for the year. Ruby will be taking us to RAIN. We decided we would ride RAIN last year when we found out it is taking place on my husband’s 30th birthday. We will be having a birthday party rolling across the state! We have evolved from couch potatoes to serious cyclists in just a few months and we are hungry for more. We get outside all the time now and we have made a lot of new friends and found fun new groups to be involved in. Ruby is one of the best things to ever happen to us!

Name: Kristen Dinges
Bicycle: KHS Cross (Tandem)
City: Indianapolis
State: IN

Kristen, what a great first year of riding! Good luck next year on RAIN.  Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story.

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