There are a lot of elliptical trainers out there.  Why would you choose the Vision S7200HRT Suspension Elliptical Trainer over the others Probably because of the unique PerfectStride Technology, which keeps you in an optimal ergonomic position no matter how the incline changes

Vision Fitness S7200HRT elliptical trainer at BGI FitnessMany ellipticals offer variable incline, which slightly changes the muscle fibers being fired.  By training throughout the full range of inclines, you get a more complete workout, training the full range of fibers.  Unfortunately, as many ellipticals change the incline, they don’t compensate to keep you in that ideal ergonomic position.  The higher your incline, the worst the position, and your knees and low back can suffer.  This does not happen with the Vision S7200HRT.  How?

Using PerfectStride Technology, the Vision S7200HRT allows you to maintain the ideal ergonomic position due to its pivoting foot plate.  This pivot action keeps you in a neutral footplate position throughout, not allowing the foot to flex as it does with so many other trainers.  With the foot remaining neutral, the knee is protected, as it keeps the knee behind the toes at all times.  This neutral position also keeps you in the ideal upright position as well, keeping the low back muscles from coming into play.  To view a u-tube video clip explaining this technology, go to the following video (Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CvqH1A_DHc)

And of course, you can come visit us at BGI Fitness to experience this PerfectStride Technology for yourself.  

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