Although a cyclist’s or a runner’s legs provide the most tangible source of power, it is their central core which is the foundation from which all movement derives.  A strong core translates into a powerful athlete.  A strong core also provides protection against injury.

TRAIN YOUR CORE FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE & MINIMAL INJURYSo just what is this core and how does one strengthen it?  The core is the central part of your body.  Think of it as your abdomen, back and hip areas.  When I mention abdomen, you may immediately think of sit-ups and crunches to strengthen it.  But if you are like me, you are tired of a lifetime of these exercises!

The good news is that you can strengthen that abdomen (as well as the back and hips) without ever doing another sit-up or crunch.  Yea!  There are all sorts of fun and new approaches to building your core.  You can use equipment as simple as bands and medicine balls to as complex as functional gyms.

Come to our next free clinic: Train Your Core for Optimal Performance & Minimal Injury, on 6:30 PM Wednesday, December 7 Bicycle Garage Indy South and 6:30 PM Wednesday, December 14 at Bicycle Garage Indy North. The clinic is free, but registration (link) is required. Our December clinic will give your fresh ideas on building your core using this wide range of equipment.  And move to a stronger you with fewer injuries.