2011 was a great biking year by Rick Lofgren

Great first century at the Amishland and Lakes Century in Howe, Indiana on August 8th. Rode with a friend and averaged 20+ on the final 20 miles — thanks to a very flat course. Began working on a trainer last Thanksgiving and lost more ...


Your best ride of 2011: 50th TOSRV Ride

In May, I returned to Columbus, OH for the 50th edition of the Tour of the Scioto River Valley, (www.tosrv.org), hosted by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits. Over 2,500 riders attended the golden anniversary of this 2-day, 210 mile, round trip from ...


New Cannondale Helmets arrive at Bicycle Garage Indy

Bicycle Garage Indy’s 2012 helmet selection began arriving last week, including models from from Bell, Bontrager, Giro. And new at BGI for 2012, four new helmets from Cannondale. Cannondale spent 18 months in developing its first helmet ...


Bicycle Garage Indy North – New store construction update.

Bicycle Garage Indy is on track for a February 2012 opening in our new North store (on East 82nd Street, in the Clearwater area). The fall weather has allowed for good progress on the shell of the building, which should be weather-sealed before ...


Week 2 winner – Paul Gottesburen

Paul Gottesburen of Indianapolis is the latest winner of weekly drawing for visitors to Bicycle Garage Indy Downtown during November.  Paul has won a Koki Rover Rack Bag. Our next drawing is Friday, November 25. Visit our newest ...


Giant Defy Advance 0 with Ultegra Di2

 As promised, here are some more pictures from the first Giant Defy Advance 0 with Ultegra Di2, which we have assembled and have at BGI North (unless, of course, it has been sold!) Adam Haines, a Cycling and Fitness Sales consultant at ...


Bicycle Garage Indy’s November 18 Email Newsletter

You should have just received Bicycle Garage Indy’s email newsletter.   Included in this newsletter: • BGI’s Annual Winter Bicycle Service Specials • BGI Fitness Offer Starts Next Friday • Winter Fitness Tips In ...


ProStretch: Rehab for your Hams/Calf/Achilles Tendon

Stretching your lower extremities – what is the best way to do it?  There certainly are a lot of good stretches out there – but I want to tell you about a little tool which packs a punch when it comes to stretching the ...


Train Your Core for Optimal Performance & Minimal Injury

Although a cyclist’s or a runner’s legs provide the most tangible source of power, it is their central core which is the foundation from which all movement derives.  A strong core translates into a powerful athlete.  A ...


Yoga Class for Cyclists Starts Friday

As a bicyclist, you have strong legs and a well-conditioned cardiovascular system.  But what about your core and your flexibility?  Are they less than optimal?  Did you know that a strong core can enhance your cycling performance ...