As a physically active person, I have always been curious about yoga.  For years I talked about giving it a try, yet never made time for it in my schedule. It wasn’t until I hurt my back that I seriously began visiting yoga studios in a quest for improved flexibility.  And what a surprise to me that yoga goes far beyond flexibility work – it is great for core development and balance as well!

I guess I held some misconceptions about yoga. I envisioned a quiet studio with candle burning and serene stretching. So what a shock when my first class involved blaring music, rock-hard core work and pouring sweat!  Here’s where I learned that there are all kinds of yoga!  Some more gentle and meditative while others rivaling any boot camp program out there.

As my back heals, I am definitely drawn towards the calmer more meditative style programs.  But as soon as I am healed, I plan to complement it with the occasional rocking style. The two combined offer the complete program of core, balance and flexibility.

If you are interested in learning more, we have Intro Yoga Clinics for bicyclists at Bicycle Garage Indy on Tuesday November 1 at BGI South, and Thursday November 3 at Bicycle Garage Indy North.  These are free clinics, and details and registration (required) are here.  We are also working with Source Yoga Center of Fishers to offer a discounte Yoga for Bicyclist class this winter.

Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness have great selection of Yoga accessories on display (and we are adding more every day!) When you visit Bicycle Garage Indy, BGI Fitness is the same store. Bicycle Garage Indy-North (East 82nd Street in the Clearwater area) and Bicycle Garage Indy-South (just seconds west of I-65 on County Line Road).

Yoga accessories at BGI BGI Fitness