Walk into a fitness facility and look around.  Treadmills are running, spin bikes are spinning and ellipticals may even have a waiting line.  Off in the corner sits the rarely used little rowing machine, silent and unloved.  And yet what a shame this is – as the rowing machine can provide a tremendous all body workout.

The Seattle Wooden Rower at BGI FitnessNot only does it provide a great aerobic workout, it strengthens the muscles as well.  In addition, when you extend forward into the “catch” position, your entire back and hips receive a gentle, smooth stretch.

Victor Suarez, sales consultant at BGI Fitness North, purchased a rowing machine last fall.  From the beginning he was raving about the great workout it was providing him.  I asked him to describe what it was he liked about the rowing machine, and his response is below.

“My favorite part of owning a rower is I can think of no better FULL BODY workout that one can do in 20 minutes. It works the body from the toes to the neck, EVERY muscle gets worked out. I am literally soaking wet from sweat in just 20 minutes!”

This made me ponder why rowing machines aren’t more popular?  After much research and talking with people, I think the main reason is that folks do too much too quickly on the rowers. They try 20-30 minutes the first time out, and end up stiff and sore the next day.  And they never return.

It is highly recommended that you begin with no more than 10 minutes the first day.  Gradually increase your minutes, while focusing on technique. Try to avoid leaning too far back at the Finish position or too far forward in the Catch position.  As you drive back, focus on using your powerful legs and not your back.  Focus on developing a smooth flow – avoiding jerky movements.
Come on into BGI Fitness and give our rowers a test ride.  I think you will find these to be a great addition to your home gym, and so much quieter than those of even just a few years ago.

When you visit Bicycle Garage Indy, BGI Fitness is the same store. Bicycle Garage Indy-North (East 82nd Street in the Clearwater area) and Bicycle Garage Indy-South (just seconds west of I-65 on County Line Road).