Hilly Hundred Weekend - rolling hills and fall colors. (Jay S. Hardcastle photo)What kind of weather can you expect at the Hilly Hundred Weekend?  On my 17 Hilly's since 1982, I have had temperatures from the low 30's to the mid 90's, with sunshine, overcast, morning frost, snow flurries and all-day rain.   One of my Hilly's saw highs in the 80's on Saturday, only to finish in the 50's on Sunday! For your average Indiana fall weekends, the riding starts in the mid-40's to finish in the 60's.  So packing for Hilly, for both during the the day of riding and for the weekend can be a challenge. 

To help you start planning, Bicycle Garage Indy has a road trip check list (pdf) you can download from our website.   The list covers all riding weather, and during the fall in Indiana, you need to.   The lists breaks down your needs for gear on the bike, on clothing for you, gear for your overnight stay, and other logistics.  I assure you, anything on the list has been forgotten once.

Except for the warmest Hilly weekends, it is important have your knees covered for those early morning miles and hills.  You need to have your knees nice and warmed up for the first climb, and keep them warm during the descent.  Knee warmers like Pearl Izumi Therma Fleece and Gore Windstopper are perfect for this, since they can then be easily removed later in the day and stashed in a jersey pocket.  Arm warmers and a packable shell, like the Pearl Izumi Elite jacket or vest can also keep you comfortable in the morning cool, and easily pack away for the afternoon.

You also want to protect your hands from the cold, especially on the long downhill runs.  Gore Windstopper Gloves or Pearl Izumi Cyclone gloves are two great gloves for this.  Use them in the morning, and switch to riding gloves in the afternoon.

Just remember, when it is fall in Indiana,  it pays to be ready for any weather; and if you don't like it, just wait 30 minutes.  For more tips, visit Bicycle Garage Indy's Hilly Hundred Resource Page.  

Bicycle Garage Indy has a wide selection of bicycle clothing and outerwear from Bontrager, Cannondale, Smart Wool, Louis Garneau, Sugoi and more, to have you ready for your next ride.  We now have three locations to serve you; Bicycle Garage Indy North (Indianapolis, in the Clearwater area on 82nd St.),  South (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd, Greenwood), and the new BGI Downtown, in the Indy Bike Hub YMCA at City Market, perfect for those last minute items before you leave work on Friday.