Group rides are social and can help you meet your riding goals.Sometimes I relish the solitude of bicycling on my own. I am alone with my thoughts and out amongst nature. But other times I welcome the company of others. The conversation and camaraderie pulls me along and the miles pile on. The speed at the end of the ride is faster than I could have maintained on my own. Would you like to find such a group to ride with? Then consider joining us for one of our group training rides which leave from our Bicycle Garage Indy North and South store locations. All three of these rides continue through the end of October, so there is still plenty of time to join us.

For those on the south side, come out to our Bicycle Garage Indy South store (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd.) for a choice of two rides (both are 27 miles long). On Monday evenings at 6pm, the Monday Evening Rest & Recovery Ride strives for a lower intensity workout (average 15-18 mph). However, as the summer progresses, this pace is slowly inching up as well for our 20-30 riders. Maps are provided should anyone drop off the back.

Wednesday evenings at 6pm we ramp it up a bit on the Wednesday Evening Intermediate Ride, shooting for an average speed of 17-19 mph. We usually have about 10 riders for this easterly trek. BGI staff members Bob and Daniel are ride leaders for both southside rides.

If our Bicycle Garage Indy North (on 82nd Street in Clearwater Crossing) store location is more convenient for you, then join us for our Friday AM Ride, at 7 AM. This is a medium intensity ride (17-19mph) which covers about 30 miles. Toby, your ride leader, says that if you can ride 16 mph on your own, then you will do just fine staying with the group. Toby also suggests that this is a great way to get accustomed to riding with a small pack, should you not be comfortable with that.

To learn more and register for our regular BGI rides, go to the the BGI Rides page.  Please use the the links to pre-register for the ride, and the rider leaders will keep you informed on ride changes due weather and store events.  Helmets are required for all Bicycle Garage Indy led rides.