One of the worst aspects of swimming for me has been the inability to see a thing once I am in the water.  I wear glasses at all times, and feel totally lost in the pool.  This sense of “blindness” was further accentuated once I began open water lake swimming – where you need to sight off items far away.  I knew there were prescription swim goggles, but these were a pricey item.  So I resigned myself to swimming blindly.

Magnifying swim googles will help your open water swimming.Imagine my delight when I was browsing at Circle City Swimwear, and the clerk asked if I had tried the magnifying goggles.  “What are those?” I asked.  These are swim goggles with a magnification built in – like buying a pair of reading glasses.    Based on your eye prescription, you can purchase goggles with a diopter ranging from -1.50 to  -8.00.  At a price of just $18.00, I decided that I had to try these.  We called my eye doctor to get my prescription and selected the goggles that had a diopter value midway between my right and left eye.  I hurried lakeside with my Speedo Vanquishers to try them out.

BGI is a sponsor of the Tuxedo Brother Go Girl Triathlon at Eagle Creek ParkAMAZING!  That is the only word to describe these goggles.  I can see everything!  When my group jumped in the water and agreed to sight off the green dock, I too could see that green dock!  How cool is that?  And most surprising, I don’t even see a need for full prescription goggles, since I can see quite sufficiently with these magnifiers.  So for my fellow vision-impaired swimmers – you CAN see in the water.  And if you prefer a larger, more rounded goggle (with magnifier), check out the Water Gear Optica brand. 

Bicycle Garage Indy supports triathletes and their athletic endeavors as we sponsor the Go Girl Triathlon coming up August 28, 2011 at Eagle Creek Park.  We also have a full selection of triathlon gear to choose from.