We frequently review the ABC Quick check in the Bicycle Garage Indy Ready to Ride Clinic, as well as for our BGI Wellness program riders.  And while you might think to yourself, "I ride a lot, I don’t need to worry.", here is what I found while toping off my rear tire this morning, as I was preparing to join some friends for a a ride.
Cord showing on a worn tire, just a few miles away from an early end to your ride.
I just happened to find the cords coming through because it was near the valve stem.  I wasn’t really thinking about these, since this set of tires, Serfas Seca FPS ($27.99) were new just  last summer.  Of course, for this bike (I ride 4 different ones), that was 2,500 miles ago.  

Your mileage may vary, but for many, 2,500 can easily be 2-3 seasons of riding.  Whatever your riding habits, this illustrates the importance of regularly checking your bike, to make sure problems are taken care of at home, before they interrupt, or end, your riding for the day.

In brief, the ABC Quick covers the following:
Air – Make sure your tires are fully inflated, and check for wear or other problems.)
Brakes – pads proper contact the rim, are not overly worn, and break levers do not touch handle bars when fully applied
Chain, Cassette & Cables – Shifting is smooth and quiet, chain is lubed, cables have no rust, and move smoothly
Quick – Quick Releases are properly engaged to keep wheels in place.
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I trust the Secas, and since I had driven to the start,  I went ahead and finished my ride.  However, once home, I installed new tires for my next ride.  And while changing the tires,  I continued to ponder how a 20 lb. frozen turkey might have ended up sitting in the middle of 196th Street, just east of US 31, this morning.  One of the stranger things I have seen while out riding.