Do you have the occasional flare-up of back pain?  Is it muscular in nature?  If so, I have discovered a “natural” remedy that loosens up those spasmed muscles and allows you to start moving freely again.  It requires no money and no medicine.  What can it be????  Bicycling!

Easy riding can help you relax a sore back.As soon as you are out of the acute phase of your flare-up, get back onto your bicycle.  Get into an easy gear and pedal around gently.  My preference is to stay in the neighborhoods for a low-stress pleasant “toodle”.   I like to avoid the trails, so that I don’t have a lot of stop-and-go at the cross streets.  And I avoid getting out on the roads, so that I don’t have to contend with cars or the potential of dog chase.  My goal is easy, continuous pedaling with no stressors.

I have also found that I get the greatest relief moving lower into more of a “drop” position.  This makes sense, because this position maximizes moving my pelvis into the “pelvic tilt” position which physical therapists recommend to all back patients.  Think of it – you basically do a pelvic tilt and hold it for the duration of the ride!  That is why it feels so good!!!!  Avoid sitting bolt upright, as it accentuates the compression forces on the spine.

Give this a try and see how it works for you.  As little as 5 miles can do the trick.  When you finish biking, take advantage of those warmed up muscles and gently stretch them out.  For more detailed information on low back injuries, see our article in the BGI Fitness Library: Exercise and Low Back Pain.

Riding your bicycle should never be painful.  The staff at Bicycle Garage Indy will help you find the right accessories and advise you on the proper bicycle fitting to make sure you are always riding in comfort.