In mid-May, a vow was made to maximize fun with Weiber Blitz and Ike. The joy includes daily commutes to work. So far, it has been 14 of 15 days (my legs needed a respite to prepare the weekend). Unexpected experiences are providing an understanding that the possibilities for the future of Indianapolis. It includes using the bicycle as an instrument of empirical insight.

Experiences includes developing familiarity with many neighborhoods that otherwise go unseen and unknown. Discovering how these collections of homes are part of the make-up of Indianapolis. Discoveries seen of architecture charms, the beauty of history, murals on the Monon, but also the societal problems in retreaded areas.

Now, deciding how we choose to live isn’t just an intellectual concept, it’s an experience. You see and feel the connection among people and the interweaving of the fabric of the city. Cycling becomes a reagent of understanding. Not just for the fun of cycling, but as a path leading to newfound freedom.

Plus, what commuter pal can you have that produces tongue-wagging happiness, smiles to people’s faces, laughter in their voices and joy in their hearts.

Name: Michael Zukunft
Bicycle: Cannondale T1
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana

Michael, From look of your picture, everyone is having fun, including anyone who meets you along the Monon. Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story.

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