One Christmas when I was about 10, I found in my stocking a note from Santa. It said my big brother had agreed to give me his Schwinn Ramshorn, the bike I rode for years before graduating to a Continental. For decades after that, the Ramshorn hung in Mom’s garage, gathering grime. A few weeks ago, I brought it home. I pulled and cleaned wheel, fork and crank bearings. I polished chrome. I replaced parts and decals. A couple of days ago, I finished the rehab. My brother said it looks as good as new. That’s a lie, but I’m not surprised. He’s always been generous when it comes to this bike. (I can provide before and after photos.)

Name: John Thomas
Bicycle: 1968 Schwinn Ramshorn Fastback
City: Indianapolis
State: IN

John, Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story. You have to wonder how the famous Schwinn Stick Shift would fare in today’s world of regulation and litigation. Those were simpler times!

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