Brick Training incorporates transitions into your Triathlon training regimen.My previous blogs touched on triathlon training tips specific to each of the three disciplines (see links below).  I would like to conclude this series by pulling it all together with a brief mention of brick training.

Brick training is when you practice transitioning between two events.  For instance, in a workout, you will do a swim/bike combination or a bike/run.  It is important to include these in your program, as moving seamlessly through your transitions is vital to placing well in your race.

Early in the season you may wish to split the sessions up into a morning workout and an evening one.  As your fitness level improves, you can then put them together into one workout.

Speed is not particularly important with these brick workouts – it is more the process of linking these events together.  In fact, you could do a moderate intensity bike ride followed by a hard intensity run.  Or they could both be just moderate intensity.

Set up your transition area just as you would in a race.  Try to do at least one brick workout every other week.

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