So you would like to compete in triathlons this summer. Have you given any thought as to how your training season should proceed? Think of your training mileage as part of a pyramid. Early in the season is when you put in the most miles, as represented by the base of the pyramid. As your season progresses, your mileage decreases (moving up the pyramid), while your intensity increases.

Triathlon Training Pyramid.

As your season progresses, decrease your mileage while increasing your intensity.

Let’s look in more detail at each of these four levels. As already stated, now (spring) is when you should be putting in the miles in each of your three sports. These should be fun and enjoyable miles.

Depending on the date of your first race– you should soon be moving up towards tempo training. Tempo training is also known as speed play. On the bike you may shift up a gear and focus on smooth and powerful pedaling.  On the run you alternate faster and slower running in a fartlek workout. While swimming, you focus on strong, powerful and efficient stroking.

In the weeks leading up to your first race, you ratchet up the intensity. Speedwork, or intervals, should be a component of all three sports.

And finally, just before your bigger races, you get to taper. Enjoy the rest – you have earned it!

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