Spring Quandary: Keeping your training momentum under changing conditionsSpring is perhaps the mostly mentally challenging time of the year to keep riding consistently.  Why is that?  Because after a winter of indoor cycling, we have finally had some gorgeous days of outdoor biking.  Even though it has been windy, the sun has been shining and the temperature has occasionally topped the 60 degree mark.  Why, I have even had a few rides stripped down to shorts and jersey – with no arm or leg warmers!

So how can this possibly be a challenging time for consistency?  Because, once we have tasted this warm weather riding, it is so very difficult to go back to biking in the cold.  Putting on all those layers of clothing and fighting through the chill of the first few miles is a hard thing to face.  But who can return to the indoor trainer after tasting fresh air on the bike again?

This is why I say that spring can be the hardest time for maintaining consistency.    It is easy to just ride on the pretty days.  But we can have an entire week of nothing but wet, dark and cold days.  I hereby challenge you to resolve to stay consistent with your bicycling.  The choice is yours.  Get back on those trainers or indoor cycles for just a few more weeks.  Or continue to bundle up and head out for some cool but invigorating outdoor rides.  You will be glad you did.

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