Usually I am the one to be cold on a bike ride, however, this past Thursday it was my husband who got chilled. What happened? The temperature was 50 degrees with a strong wind out of the east (strange – it is almost always out of the west). A temperature of 50 degrees can be truly pivotal – it can be a “warm 50 degrees” if the sun is shining or a “cold 50 degrees” if it is cloudy. Since the sun was shining brilliantly for the entire day, my husband dressed for that “warm 50 degree” bike ride. I, as usual, donned my multiple layers of long-sleeve jersey, pile jacket and nylon windbreaker (yes, I am a cold weather wimp).

Packable gear like arm warmer and jackets are handy for volatile spring weather.As we made our first turn into that powerful wind, the sun disappeared behind a wall of clouds, where it stayed for the duration of our ride. In seconds, our “warm” ride transformed into a “cold” ride. Since I am always overdressed, I did okay with this change. But my poor hubby was chilled to the bone – wishing he had his stocking hat and arm warmers. Jay is usually very good about bringing along extra layers, but this one time he forgot, and wished he hadn’t. So until the temperature is permanently warm, bring along extra layers, even if you think you might not need them.  Hats, arm warmers, leg warmers, and a packable nylon jacket, like the Pearl Izumi Zephrr ($74.99 at Bicycle Garage Indy) are good clothing items to keep on hand for spring rides.

And wouldn’t you know it. As soon as we got back home, the elusive sun came back out in all its glory, and has remained out until sunset. Just to taunt us!