Every year, since 2003, I have been commuting to work during the spring/summer months. It’s 10 miles, unless I add some extra. The ride is through rural Hendricks County, from Pittsboro to Danville. It’s my time to clear my thoughts, and enjoy the quiet of the day, before work and it’s demands are put upon me. The ride home shakes off the stress, and keeps me sane. I ride past horses, livestock, and the occasional fox. I have been passed by deer. The fact that gas prices are rising again is an added benefit as well. Save gas, rack up miles and stay fit. What’s not to love?

Name: Dan Huffman
Bicycle: ‘07 Trek SL 1000
City: Danville
State: Indiana

Dan, thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and Story. Sounds like you have a great commute!

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