A Tri suit will dramatically improve your transition times, and comfort.For the novice first venturing into triathlon training, you will find a whole new world of shopping opportunities opening up to you. Enter a running store and row after row of shoes present themselves to you. A swimming store offers a whole range of training toys, from paddles to kickboards to snorkels and pull buoys. And then there is the bike shop – with unlimited possibilities of bikes and shoes and clothing. So many toys – so little time.

But seriously, some of us can’t have it all at once, and must choose carefully before each purchase. We must weigh the cost of the item against the benefit it will provide. I did this with a tri suit – continuing to relegate it to “next time” while I made do with my old swim suit, bike shorts and running shorts combination. But this was not very satisfactory. My transition times were horrid and I had chafing issues from running in wet nylon shorts. Enough already! I finally bit the bullet and purchased my first tri suit, a Sugoi. And what a wonderful decision this was!!! (My suit has been discontinued, but it is very similar to the Sugoi Velocity II Tri Suit, $224.99 at Bicycle Garage Indy.)

Sugoi Velocity II Tri Suit at Bicycle Garage IndyI first wore it last fall at the FAST (Fishers Area Sprint Triathlon). Wow! I was super comfy through all three events, moving seamlessly from one transition to the next. The thinner chamois pad really did dry quickly and was so much more comfortable to run in than a traditional bicycle short with its thicker pad. Why did I take so long to buy this? I guess I’m suggesting that, if you are debating where a tri suit should come in your order of purchases, move it up to the front! 

Looking for more tips for for your next triathlon?   Preparing For Your Next Tri is theme of Bicycle Garage Indy’s next Tri Night, begining at 5:30 PM on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at BGI North.  This event is free. Details and registration (required) is available here.

Tri Night at Bicycle Garage Indy