Just one more of trainer workouts will help you riding season.Here we are in early March, with spring tantalizingly close.  We can almost smell the spring flowers as we dream of biking outdoors in the warm sunshine.  But unfortunately, we are not there yet.  We still have several weeks of indoor training ahead of us.  But there is something that can help you make it through.  That is to add bicycle training DVD’s to your arsenal of winter cycling “toys”.  

There are actually several different formulations of training DVD’s available at Bicycle Garage Indy, of which one or two are bound to work for you.   The first of these DVD’s appeal to the sport enthusiast.  As you watch a large bicycle race, such as the Tour de France,  you can envision yourself as one of the racers.  Push hard against Lance Armstrong and vie for the famed “yellow jersey”.   Let your competitive juices flow in these Tour de France Training DVD’s.

A second type of training DVD provides scenic vistas along with verbal coaching advice.   This On the Road Series takes you on a wide range of beautiful roads, such as climbing Mt. Lemon in the dry desert of Arizona or rolling through the hills of the northeast in the peak colors of fall foliage.  Dual cameras achieve this affect, with one camera mounted on the helmet of the bicyclist and another on the pace car following.   When the cyclist climbs a hill, you are encouraged to shift up and climb your own hill.  When the cyclist descends, so do you.

Using Training DVDs to finish that last month of Indoor TrainingA third type of DVD takes you through a structured interval workout.  The video opens up to a stage with 5 or 6 cyclists  set up on their trainers.  Your “coach” is there as well, ready to take you all through the session.  Coach has you warm-up before ramping up to workout intensity.  He tells you when to shift up, when to recover and what cadence to maintain.  I guarantee that you can stay on the bike for an hour, with the sweat pouring.  Spinervals and Cycling Fitness Results both do a nice job with this format.

Don’t back off your indoor cycling now.  Stay with it so that you can hit the roads hard in the next few weeks.

Find Spinerval, On The Road, Cycling and Fitness Results training DVDs, along with hundreds of other bicycle accessories at Bicycle Garage Indy’s two locations, North (Indianapolis, in the Clearwater area on 82nd St.) and South (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd, Greenwood)