Just a few of Your Bicycle PicturesIn Bicycle Garage Indy’s latest contest, enter Your Bicycle Mis-Adventure picture and story, and with some help from your friends, you could win you a prize package worth $130.

Ride long enough, and you will have one of those rides where not everything worked out exactly as planned. However, more often than not, they turned into memorable experience with friends, good for a laugh or two later on.  So we want to hear about that ride with 3 flats, getting lost (and found), riding in the rain (without rain gear), or arriving at the ride without your front wheel.

And when Bicycle Garage Indy shares Your Bicycle picture and story, and you tell your friends, their "Likes" may help you win something to help the next time, with a prize package of tires, tubes and tools.

How To Enter Our Monthly Your Bicycle Contest

Have your friends like Your Bicycle StoryTo enter is simple; using the form on our web site, submit your picture and a short story that we can share.  After processing, Your Bicycle story will be posted on the BGI websites. We will email you a link to your story, that you can share with your friends.  Your friends just have to click the Like button below the title of your story.  Each Facebook Like of your story by your friends (each friend can only like or share the story once) is a vote for you.  At the close of each contest period, the entry with the most "Likes" wins the prize package for the month.

The "Your Bicycle Mis-Adventure" Contest Closes At 9:00 PM On March 15, 2011