Are you shopping for a home gym?  Don’t forget to consider these important features:
1. When lifting, is the movement smooth and unrestricted?  Or is it rough and “catches” periodically?  
2. Can you move through your full range-of-motion?  Precor boasts a smooth and unrestricted range-of-motion.  
3. Is it easy to make set-up adjustments?   Or is it a struggle?
4. For the beginner – try the biceps and triceps stations.  Is the starting weight small enough that you can correctly perform this movement?  Some home gyms have a starting weight that is too high for some to properly move and/or the incremental weights are too large.
5. For the power lifter – are the maximal weights sufficient for you?
6. Can more than one individual use the gym at the same time?
7. What comes standard with your home gym, and what must be purchased for an additional cost?  This might include a bench, straps and handles. 
When not in use,  Torque Fitness F7 Gym save space and with an appealing look.8. How much space does the home gym occupy?  Is the unit aesthetically appealing?  The Torque Fitness Home Gyms (F5 and F7) are incredibly space efficient units which fold away into a corner.  When not in use, are a beautiful piece of furniture in your family or rec room. 
9. What kind of warranty is included?  For example, Body Solid Home Gyms come with a lifetime warranty.  

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